5 Money Saving Tips When Selling Your Home

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If you are selling a home, it’s important that you do everything in your power to beat out the competition. Maximizing your home’s value will put you ahead of the selling curve and help make your home more desirable than the next.

1) Boost Curb Appeal

A home buyer’s first impression of your home, besides a listing sheet, is the outside of your home. It’s crucial that you do your best to maintain the exterior the entire time it’s on the market. In the springtime, everyone is excited to get outside and clean up the house but by summer or fall your house could fall behind.

2) Set an Appropriate Selling Price

You need to remember that the current market helps set your selling price. As much as you would like to set your price to the amount of money you want to make or what you heard your neighbor sold for, that’s not the way things go. If you price your home too high, people won’t give your house a chance. If you price your home too low, you can diminish the value and sell yourself short.  It is best to price your home more aggressively so that you attract an abundance of home buyers who end up competing for the home in a bidding war.  Motivated sellers attract motivated buyers.  In addition, if you do receive an offer in the first week that is less than you hoped, think twice before you deny it. 

3) Accommodate Earlier Requests for Showings

As we dive into the fall, people will want to see your home earlier during the day. The sun will slowly start to set sooner so this means you may have to allow some earlier showing blocks. Make sure all your lights are on in and out of the home to help your home seem brighter and more spacious. Leaving your lights on will minimize the desire for anyone to touch anything, which is not recommended with COVID-19 safety precautions.

4) Make It Move-In Ready

Home buyers don’t want to take care of various home improvements around the house. The amount of interest in fixing up a house is diminished in the fall compared to spring due to the upcoming weather restrictions. Go through and make the improvements that will make your home move-in ready.Fixing any small issues can help give you that advantage over the competition. Home buyers want to look at a home and envision themselves living there. If they see a bunch of problems, it’ll decrease that happy feeling and make them want to move on to another property or offer you considerably less to over-compensate themselves for having to make the repairs.

5) Make it Cozy

As the cooler weather rolls in throughout the fall, home buyers naturally want to purchase a home that feels cozy. Add warming candles, pleasing aromas or fall baked goods. Also, ensure that your home is warm inside. We often see homeowners turn down the heat to save money, but you want to make sure when your potential home buyer leaves, that they remember a warm, comfortable home that they want to go back to.  As the days get shorter and you start showing your home in the dark, be sure you have adequate lighting inside and out.

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