An easy and cost-effective way of going Green

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When we look at the world current situation in the Covid-19 environment, it looks like we are in pause mode. Living at home in quarantine is expensive as well.  Actually, mostly homes owners are in search of better methods to tactile the Pandemic situation and spend cold winter in moderate level. Here are some methods and energy-saving tips which can help homeowners to tackle this situation.

Let it feel more heating: Change Your Filters! This is the fastest & easiest way to get more out of your existing system! Whether disposable or washable, all forced air heating / cooling systems use filters. And, these filters must be maintained and changed. Some filters require monthly changes, while others last up to three months, and much depends on the conditions within your home. A dirty filter will restrict air flow and with clogged filters it is blocking heat which would otherwise keep it very hot. Do yourself a favor and stay on top of regular changing of your heat filters. This is a fairly easy way to increase your energy efficiency and cut costs.

If you live in a house with a Furnace that is over 20 years old, you may have already tried the “buy a sweater” method to stay warm. This is certainly one approach, but updating your home conditioning system these days is a much better option, and it will work well for you here and now, and in the long run, if you decide to sell your home. Increasingly, home buyers are looking for homes with energy-efficient systems already in place. So, think of these upgrades as a long-term investment in the resale value of your home, as well as a cost-effective and green alternative to your current conditioning system.

Now with that old choker from a puffing furnace, it’s guaranteed to be not as efficient as it could be, regardless of the type of fuel you use. The newer gas heaters are medium efficiency (78-82%) or high efficiency (89-96%). Although higher efficiency products can cost up to $1000 more than medium efficiency products, the additional costs will pay off in a couple of years, as they will burn less fuel. And you will be the greenest frog on the block, sending fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere. “An easy and cost-effective way of being Green,” as mostly people approached it.

With oil furnaces, there are again much more efficient products on the market in recent times. But an oil Heater needs to be associated with a good fireplace, so this may be an additional cost to consider. Keep in mind that it is still the case that electric heating is more expensive than oil and gas, although a smart combination of wood-fired central heating supplemented by electric heating can be cost effective.Even if you are not thinking of selling right now, it is still a good idea to explore your options so you can enjoy these upgrades before you move. Reach out to us & we can help you navigate your options – The real estate experts at Crown Realty Experts are here for you!