The “REAL” Real Estate Roller Coaster

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Buying a home can be a very charged procedure with a lot of emotions. It can be very costly for some because they are pressed for time. According to research,the average amount of time people spend to decide which home they purchase is 96 minutes. Think about that! The average person spends only one and half hours to decide where they will be live for next several years. Therefore, a buyer should be smart, analytical, and focused & also set aside some the emotions while deciding. It is no secret that emotions play a role in your decision making, as it very-well should.

To make this process more result oriented, mitigate the emotions roller coaster and set up your priorities. The use of an excellent realtor assists with helping mitigate some of the emotions & add a good blend of logic. Always make a list of needs & wants such as what amenities you want & need in home. For example, the schools, shopping, houses of worship, neighborhood, and playgrounds.

The other factor is type of home, such as size and shapes esthetics, & practical usage needs of home. If you select your type of home before you go out to look at homes, it will facilitate your home and it will search also minimize your time. This way you only get to view homes that meet your requirements & not end up falling in love with an impractical house.

It is also very essential to keep in mind the investment and resale potential of the home& balance that with your enjoyment of the home. Too much practicality may lower your enjoyment factor & too much of a concentration on enjoyment may cause regret when it is time to sell. For instance, you may love a house with a pool for enjoyment, but the cost of maintaining a pool should also be considered prior to purchasing a home with a pool.

Once you have done your homework with confidence& you have the unbiased (often more rational) input from your real estate professional, weigh your options & make a good decision that is more equitable.

Always remember that the professionals at Crown Realty Experts are here to help you navigate the roller coaster.