Weatherproofing Homes

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After the damage that many of our neighbors experienced in March of 2020, it leaves us wondering if there is any way to prepare for natural disasters.

As the world changes, materials and supplies are also changing, as well as improving. As these improvements are being made, we see an increase in homes being built that are capable of withstanding natural disasters.

Fortified homes are homes that have roofs made of stronger material, not allowing the penetration of water or wind. When a roof is out of date, poorly installed, or made of easily penetrated material, you can be setting yourself up for disaster. If a roof or piece of a roof are removed or broken during a storm, then your home is vulnerable to water and wind damage. This damage can then affect all aspects of your home, including your family’s safety. Ultimately, a fortified roof can save many parts of your home, including your foundation in the face of hurricane and tornado winds.

When we hear storm shelter, most of us probably think of bunkers underground like what our grandparents had or what we might have seen in movies. However, as technology is improving, companies have created storm shelters or safe rooms that can be installed in your home – Usually the size of a closet.You enter these shelters before or during a natural disaster. They can withstand windspeeds of 250 mph and remain standing, even if your home was to be destroyed. Many of them include features like a backup generator, a personal phone line, and air vents, in the event you are to be sheltered for longer periods of time.

If you are choosing to install a fortified roof or a storm shelter, it is important to use a reputable builder. You should look for a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certified contractor to do the job.

Natural disasters can strike at any time and while we often receive advanced notice, it is important that we plan. Create emergency plans for different disasters common in your region and discuss them with your family. Bolt down, concrete in, or remove outside furniture and equipment to limit the damage done by flying debris to your home. Follow the guidelines put in place by your state or county during these natural disasters.

If you are looking to purchase a home where you can install these safety features or even build one from the ground up, please contact the experts at Crown Realty Experts so we can help you. You and your family’s safety and happiness are important to us.